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We’re a close-knit, friendly and knowledgeable team, celebrating 25 years of serving all your print shop needs. Our dedicated staff, state-of-the-art equipment and comprehensive services take care of everything, giving you peace of mind and endless ways to present yourself, promote your business and plan your event.

At BP Print Group, we know that good-looking work goes a long way.
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  • Aliza Strohli

    My friend Sharon referred me to this company. She told me she had used BP Printing for her son's bar mitzvah invitations and assured me the process would be hassle free, but I still never expected the service to be this good!
    When I called I was immediately assigned a sales rep, Leah Ziskind. She treated me like I was her most important client! She was patient, attentive, efficient and a pleasure to work with! I am no easy customer (kept making changes etc.) but she made me feel like nothing was a big deal and guided me every step of the way!! And this was all via email, as I live in Miami and this company is based out of Lakewood, New Jersey! I still can't get over what an amazing experience it was to work with this company! Oh and my invitations came out gorgeous!!!

  • Dov Wilhelm

    "You went out of your way to make sure
    everything went well, even with tight deadlines."

    -Dov Wilhelm

  • Esther Dayon of Shelly Cohen Bridal Fund

    "You were a pleasure to work with, and
    you made everything so much smoother for us."

    -Esther Dayon of Shelly Cohen Bridal Fund

  • Moshe Fenroth

    "Your BP Weekly is the best.
    I received nearly 70 calls on the first day."

    -Moshe Fenroth

  • Jessica Pfeffer

    "I'm thrilled with my New Year's cards.
    Working with your upbeat staff is such a delight."

    -Jessica Pfeffer

  • Jessica Musumeci

    "Guests loved our Chuppah Booklet.
    Thanks for printing our booklets last minute."

    -Jessica Musumeci

  • The Oppenheimers

    "I received great service. Thanks for handling
    every aspect of my project so efficiently."

    -The Oppenheimers

  • Gitty Friedman

    "The event was a success, thanks in part to
    your courteous service and quick runtime."

    -Gitty Friedman

  • Pinchos Friedman

    "We were matzliach at the Agudah Convention.
    We could not have done it without you."

    -Pinchos Friedman

  • Roisie Weichbrod

    "The picture of my family was a huge hit.
    Your easel suggestion worked out perfectly."

    -Roisie Weichbrod

Our Work
We do more than a traditional print shop. Get everything done in one place, including printing, copies, graphic design, marketing, invitations, promotional items and event planning. Plus responsive, results-driven customer service.

Our customers appreciate quality, experience and convenience, and so will you.
BP Weekly
This is our ad publication that helps businesses, organizations and individuals succeed. Thousands of readers search for services, real estate, promotions, products, special events and classifieds. Our advertisers appreciate excellent rates, superior customer service and positive results.

Our BP Weekly graphic artists can design your advertisement.
Latest Buzz
You’ve finally found a full-service print shop that provides the most comprehensive list of printing services to help you confidently and creatively share your story. We’re a close-knit team that always has your success in mind. We take care of everything and provide timely advice to help you focus on what you do best.

Read tips, triumphs and timely advice from our print shop storytellers.

Tapping into the Value of an Impactful Logo

Thursday 10/27/16

Consider some prominent brands such as Pepsi, Starbucks or Apple. Chances are the image associated with the logo immediately comes to mind, like the red, white and blue circle that represents Pepsi, or the half-eaten apple that symbolizes the Apple brand. But did you know that Pepsi spent hundreds of millions of dollars on their… Read More.

Keeping Focus: Doing Away With Distractions

Thursday 10/27/16

Picture a customer walking over to a salesperson with a question.  When the customer tries to get her attention, the saleswoman, who is chatting on her cell phone, apologizes to the person on the line and tells her to hold on, saying, “One minute, sorry, I have to help a customer now.”  She impatiently answers… Read More.

Nurturing Brand Loyalty: Keeping Your Brand Top of Mind

Thursday 10/27/16

Today’s consumers often jump from brand to brand, as opposed to the loyalty displayed by customers years ago, when people relied heavily on a brand’s promise and reputation. A prime reason for this is because of the proliferation of user reviews available; for any given product, buyers naturally seek opinions about price, durability, etc. In… Read More.

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Whether you need a dozen copies of flyers or ten thousand invitations printed, addressed and mailed, we take care of everything. Simply upload your files, and one of our representatives will contact you.
We deliver copies, print jobs and promo items to your door.

At BP Print Group, no job is too big and no job is too small.
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We're here for you, and we'll do whatever it takes to make you look good.

Contact us for superior offset and digital printing services, crystal clear copies, expert print design services, event, promotion and marketing support, beautiful announcements and invitations, and eye-catching promo items.

Because a good-looking brand goes a long way.

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