How it started

Back in 1990, in a small storefront on Clifton Avenue in Lakewood, NJ, Mr. Ben Heinemann opened a start-up venture called BP Graphics. Mr. Heinemann had always been fascinated by the graphic design industry and its constantly evolving technology, and so he naturally chose a career where he could pursue his passion. Outfitted with a modern but simple printing press with Mr. Heinemann serving as its lone graphic designer, BP Graphics took its first baby steps…

Despite his broad vision and aspirations, it is unlikely that Mr. Heinemann could ever have envisioned just how far-reaching an impact his nascent business would eventually have.


Today, BP Print Group has evolved as a premier design, print, and marketing center, servicing businesses, institutions, and families in the community and across the country with an incredibly broad range of services. The massive main location is supplemented by a nearby satellite production center that houses an astonishing range of hi-tech equipment with unmatched printing and production capabilities. BP has unarguably become iconic, an integral component of the very fabric of Lakewood that has gained acclaim and a loyal following from coast to coast.

Its growth and professionalism notwithstanding, BP Print Group remains a friendly neighborhood
business. Moreover, BP is still committed to its original core values of providing outstanding quality print, straightforward honest advice, and Gold Standard customer service.

The Ritz Carlton Gold Standard

In 2014, Mr. Heinemann decided to invest heavily in achieving unparalleled excellence in Customer Care. The entire leadership staff participated in the world-famous Ritz Carlton training course. The results were transformative; the genuine care concepts of empathy, listening, understanding needs, and doing whatever it takes to make customers happy and earn their trust have become deeply embedded in the BP identity. All staff members join in weekly sensitivity refresher courses and brainstorming sessions. The overwhelming flow of client appreciation and positive reviews is ample testimony to the incredible customer experience that has become synonymous with BP Print Group.