Are They Crazy?


“I can hardly make ends meet, why should I spend money on marketing?” I get this a lot.

My answer is always unequivocal- “Well, that’s exactly why you should be marketing.”

Yes, you heard me right.

You see, marketing is not an expense, it’s an investment. In fact, it’s the foundation for growth.

But, don’t just believe me.

I will ask you a question you need to answer in under 2 seconds. Ready?

Please name any soft drink you can think of right now.


I will bet you answered Coca-Cola. I’m not a mentalist, but I’m confident I’ll be right with 90% of you.

Fun fact: “Coca-Cola” is actually the 2nd most recognized word in the world- after the word “Ok.”

Well, being the biggest soft drink advertiser globally, it’s really no wonder.

*Coca-Cola earns close to 40 billion dollars each year
*They spend about 4 billion of it on advertising
*If I did my math correctly- that’s about 10%

But, if they really are a household name by now, why advertise? Anyone out there going- “Oh nice, I never heard of that drink before, I’ll go try it?”

Fellow entrepreneurs, anyone with business experience can tell you:


It simply has been proven time and again.

Coca-Cola invests all that money to strategically ensure they remain at the forefront of mind kind- promoting that feeling of familiarity and trust for over 136 years.

It is why you will think of Coca-Cola first.

It is why their bottles and cans will stand out from the others on the shelf.

It is why their taste is believed to be “The Real Thing” like no other.

And, it is why you may just be another one of their loyal customers- for life.

So, is Coca-Cola crazy? You decide for yourself!

Now I know what you’re thinking. “I’m not Coca-Cola and never will be.”

My question to you is, why not?