How to Prepare Large-Format Projects for Print


When you want to flaunt your finest, large-format printing can make an oversized impact! Large-format printing includes products printed at a length of 18-100 inches with a minimum width of 60 inches. Some of the most popular items include posters, window graphics, yard signs, vehicle wraps, vinyl banners, media backdrops, and more. While large-scale graphics are stunning, these projects require … Read More

5 Strategies to Overcome Nerves in Public Speaking


From Abraham Lincoln to Winston Churchill, some of the world’s greatest leaders had one thing in common: the fear of public speaking. Glossophobia, or speech anxiety, affects 77 percent of the population at some level. This can range from sweating and an accelerated heart rate to dizziness, nausea, or a “fight or flight” response. As a shift to remote working … Read More

Glamorize Your Products with Illustrative Package Designs


Natural Life is a retailer focusing on women’s Bohemian clothes, accessories, and gifts. Its founder, Patti Hughes, says the business was inspired by her mom, who ran a crafting studio out of the family basement, and was rarely seen without sawdust in her hair or a paintbrush behind her ear. Modeled after global artisan markets, Natural Life believes its products … Read More

Show-Stopping Print Ideas to Compliment Your Digital Marketing


Does your brain ever feel tired? Some days, that’s probably due to information overload. Today, researchers estimate we are exposed to over 5,000 brands per day or around 600-625 ads per person. If you add in pop-ups and YouTube ads, who knows how high the number may soar! But amidst the explosion of digital advertising, industry reports remind us that … Read More

Use Customer Lifetime Value to Plan Your Direct Mail Marketing

What is the value of a customer? What profit can they bring this week? This year? Over a lifetime? It may seem like a simple concept, but many small businesses have no idea what a regular customer is worth to their business. This creates two problems: Ambivalence about customer retention. Many businesses are uncertain about how much to spend on … Read More

4 Direct Mail Tips to Attract Gen Z’s “Digital Natives”

Generation Z—those who follow Millennials—includes people born between 1998 and 2015. Sometimes known as the Digital Natives (or the iGeneration), this is a demographic that rivals that of the entire Millennial generation, comprising 70 million people in the United States alone. Gen Z currently includes people in their early twenties and many teenagers with substantial discretionary income. If you want … Read More

Psychographics Sell: Finding the “Why” Behind the “Buy”


In 2011, Matt Salzberg was a restless associate at a Silicon Valley investment firm. He and his friend Ilia Papas wanted to create a business and were intrigued by food. “We both loved food,” Salzberg said. “We liked trying new ingredients, new recipes, new techniques, but we found it really inaccessible to cook at home. It was expensive, time-consuming, and … Read More

Grow Your Influence with the 10 Most “Likeable” Personality Traits (Part 2)


Certain horrible habits drive others away. If you want to win friends and influence people, it’s important to spend time evaluating your personality from time to time. Do others gravitate toward you or subtly slink away when you leave the room? Influential leaders know how to gain respect and bring out the best in others. Move in the Opposite Spirit: … Read More