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I feel like you guys can do anything!! And that is a major comfort when dealing with multi-faceted projects

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What our clients say

I would describe BP as a role model business! I notice the forever escalating (the already super) customer service indicates that BP truly values my business!

Nechama M.

I worked with the promo department on a couple of different things. She went out of her way, was so helpful and was really quick! Tysm!

Dina F., Camp Elite

I appreciate the patience and service the rep at the promo department assisted me with... Thank You!

Shevy C.

The publishing department answered any questions that I had. She was very pleasant to work with and really helped me through the process.

Goldie F.

The invitation department was amazing to work with! The website was easy to use and it was such a pleasant experience!

Jaclyn S.

I appreciated working with a professional company, organized, quick response to my emails, voicemails (and a plus for the outside pickup). Thank you.

Chana R.L.

I love dealing with you guys. I live far away but you make it so easy.

Dina K.

Feel like you guys can do anything!! And that is a major comfort when dealing with multi-faceted projects.

Freida, DF Creative Group

BP was a pleasure to work with! She was efficient and timely, especially since the engagement of our children was only 7 weeks. A beautiful job done in a short amount of time.

Allen M.

Your team responded to needs so efficiently and with care for my simcha. We appreciate your quick efficient service very much!

Tehilla Y.

This is the 2nd time I ordered and Liba is great. Thank you so much for all your effort.

Simon R.

Your associate when out of her way to offer us similar products which helped make my decision quick and easy.

Ari K.

We had an extremely pleasant experience from start to finish! Your employees are understanding, quick, and eager to please! Really a pleasure! Thanks so much!

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