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BP Print Group knows that each customer has a story to tell. We believe the best way to tell these stories is with superior offset and digital printing services, crystal clear copies, expert print design services, beautiful announcements and invitations, and eye-catching promos, because a good-looking brand goes a long way. News and blog posts below are just some of our own stories we hope to share with you.

Tapping into the Value of an Impactful Logo

Thursday 10/27/16

Consider some prominent brands such as Pepsi, Starbucks or Apple. Chances are the image associated with the logo immediately comes to mind, like the red, white and blue circle that represents Pepsi, or the half-eaten apple that symbolizes the Apple brand. But did you know that Pepsi spent hundreds of millions of dollars on their… Read More.

Keeping Focus: Doing Away With Distractions

Thursday 10/27/16

Picture a customer walking over to a salesperson with a question.  When the customer tries to get her attention, the saleswoman, who is chatting on her cell phone, apologizes to the person on the line and tells her to hold on, saying, “One minute, sorry, I have to help a customer now.”  She impatiently answers… Read More.

Nurturing Brand Loyalty: Keeping Your Brand Top of Mind

Thursday 10/27/16

Today’s consumers often jump from brand to brand, as opposed to the loyalty displayed by customers years ago, when people relied heavily on a brand’s promise and reputation. A prime reason for this is because of the proliferation of user reviews available; for any given product, buyers naturally seek opinions about price, durability, etc. In… Read More.

Achieving Excellence in Email Communication

Tuesday 08/02/16

“Whoops! My email went to the wrong person!” Many of us have experienced the uncomfortable situation of our emails being mistakenly sent to the wrong party. What is the simplest way to avoid this, and other common email communication pitfalls? Individuals working in a professional capacity need to differentiate between casual email interactions with family… Read More.