You know who wiped the table when I was at my favorite pizza shop the other day?

The owner.

Yup, he grabbed that cloth, sprayed the Clorox, and even bent down to pick up leftover crust.

Degrading? Humiliating?

I don’t think so.

Sometimes, a boss needs to be in the moment and not in the office.

When you get involved in what’s happening- you show employees that what they do matters.

Hierarchy is there to create structure and clarify responsibilities, but that should not take away from each team member feeling part of the big picture.

Wherever you are in business, you can be a leader.

As Pilot George Kelly put it- “A boss says, ‘Go!’ A leader says ‘Let’s go!’”

You want a culture of camaraderie and teamwork. And that begins with you.

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