Tapping into the Value of an Impactful Logo
Thursday 10/27/16

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Consider some prominent brands such as Pepsi, Starbucks or Apple. Chances are the image associated with the logo immediately comes to mind, like the red, white and blue circle that represents Pepsi, or the half-eaten apple that symbolizes the Apple brand. But did you know that Pepsi spent hundreds of millions of dollars on their current logo?

Promote Your Brand

Research has discovered that an effective corporate logo plays a significant role in attracting customers to a particular brand. In today’s competitive market, where consumers are bombarded with advertisements through technological channels, it is imperative for your brand to differentiate itself visually. 40% of people process more effectively through graphics as opposed to sound and text. Companies are aware of this and invest heavily in the icon that will represent their brand and its objectives.

Your logo is a way for customers to identify your brand and its essence. Be sure your logo is designed with an eye towards enhancing your company’s professional appearance.

“Your logo should be front and center in any venue where you interact with customers,” says Andrew Coulter, senior marketing director of MushKush Integrated Marketing in Kaysville, UT. “You’re not really branded until everybody knows your logo and associates it with you.”

Why Invest?

Don’t make the common mistake of settling for the cheapest logo package you can find. Many people are capable of creating an appealing-looking logo, but a true professional will be able to capture your brand’s unique selling points. As mentioned above, companies are willing to invest considerably to create a recognizable symbol of their brand which will engage customers and

A powerful logo will build crucial brand recognition, and can create instant recall of your brand when a customer requires goods or services that you provide. Because it serves as a connection between your company and its consumers, your logo should define the brand’s mission and communicate its values.

Undoubtedly, marketing and advertising play a great role in your company’s success. At the same time, an influential logo that represents your company’s identity can foster an emotional connection and strengthen meaningful commitment to its brand.

How does your logo build customer loyalty?