Who Cares?

People always ask me why I invest so much time, effort, and money in my employees. They think it makes no sense as “Employees get paid for their work- that should be enough,” they reason, and “Why waste all that money?”

Well, my friends, my short answer may shock you, but I think it still needs to be said: IT IS NOT ALL ABOUT MONEY

If the reason you’re in business is just to make money, you’re shortchanging yourself- big time.

Yes, you need to make a living. But yes, you also need to make a life!

When you shift your focus from “How can I make more money?” to “How can my money do more?” the whole game changes.

You see, employees are people too. They may not be as privileged as you right now, but that does not mean they should feel that way. Employees need the money to live- but equally, need and deserve the appreciation that should come along with their work.

Truth be told, you don’t just want their skill or art- you want their heart- and that is priceless.

When an employee feels respected, heard, and valued- you will be getting work of heart. But even more so, you will advance from a powerful business to an empowering one.

But, it goes deeper than that.

Stephen Covey says, “Treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers.” Businesses are often so focused on making clients happy- they don’t notice happy employees are the ones who make that happen.

Think about it; your employees likely spend many- if not most- of their waking hours at your workplace. Beyond that, hard workers usually think about work, answer an email or call, and may even brainstorm ideas- at home. This inevitably affects the lives of their family. You will never know all the sacrifices your workers and their families are making on a daily basis for you.

By rightfully recognizing and rewarding not just the employees, but also their family members, you create a culture of pride and collaboration. As opposed to feeling disinterested or resentful, families become understanding and supportive. Get the members involved, create one big happy family out of your business- and watch the magic unfold!

I know it’s not easy to think outside yourself, but trust me, it will be worth it.

Now is the time to think bigger.

Use your business to make the world a better place.

You can give more. You can do more. You can be more.